maritime museum as a perennial attraction for a seasonal resort town

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire


BA 3rd Year Design Project

Studio: Out of Season, Out of Context

With thanks to:
Tutor; Tony Broomhead



Designed as part of a studio project entitled Out of Context, Out of Season, which sought to address the disparity of atmosphere that British coastal resorts experiences during winter and summer months. The proposal consists of a sequence of gallery spaces that sit within a slope behind the coastal promenade; and an 800m long pier that touches the Greenwich Prime Meridian off-shore with a naked-eye observatory.

Careful attention was paid to the treatment of topographical and psychological boundaries using public spaces and routes in order to enhance the value of the museum as a permanent attraction for locals and tourists all year round and break down the damaging perceived dichotomy between working town and touristic resort.

Much of the architectural forms allude to celestial objects through orientation and framing devices while the materials used inside and outside suggest themes of seafaring and navigation.