Hydrogeneration centre as a model of decentralised energy production

Ambergate, Derwent Valley, Derbyshire


MArch 6th Year Design Project

Studio Future Works

  • Joint Thesis Project in partnership with fellow 6th year student.
  • Though only images created personally are displayed unless otherwise credited, the thesis question and technological research that informed the project was a joint effort. The final design was developed in partnership though personal focus was on the Hydrology provision of the scheme (SouthWest bank of river).

With thanks to:
Project Partner; Alexander Schofield
Tutors; Renata Tyszczuk, Julia Udall
Stories for Change
Ambergate and Derwent Valley Community Energy Limited
Boeing Advanced Manufacture and Research Centre


Re-industrialisation of Victorian wireworks mill for hydro-electric generation and hydrogen production using electrolysis at a later phase. River Derwent is a primary resource for renewable energy and hydrogen source. 
Project explores notions of ownership of energy resources through expansion of a real-world community hydropower scheme, and suggests alternative localised models of energy distribution. 
Design focus placed on accessibility and legibility of large-scale industrial processes through kinetic architectural elements whose movements contribute to regulation of production systems; as well as circulation of varied user groups in an ecologically rich site.


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