Biofabrication teaching laboratories as mimesis for regenerative medicine

Proposed "West Campus" , Sheffield, Yorkshire

New research spaces for the University of Sheffield department of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering that will develop over time to accommodate large-scale synthesis of lab-cultivated organs as an alternative to organ donation. 
Programme investigated with the aid of the Sheffield Kroto Research Institute. Site chosen to compliment real future campus plans and maintain proximity to Faculty of Medicine. 
Design focus placed on encouraging cross disciplinary interface, and using bionic principles to inform environmental strategies and the reprogramming of spaces over time for changing user-groups.

MArch 5th Year Design Project

Studio Interactive Urban Skins

With thanks to:
Tutors; Aidan Hoggard, Chengzhi Peng, Tsung-Hsien Wang
Kroto Institute for Biomaterials